Running Errands with HER

I filmed this a few weeks back but I finally got around to uploading, editing and creating the video! I was SO nervous because it was my first time ever doing a "video blog", which is weird, cause I feel like I do this on a daily basis on snapchat (follow me: Weneki). But this time, I had my big camera and I had my wonderful roommate Amina helping me record. So, if I seem extra awkward and weird, just laugh with me. It's a learning process! LOL ***OMG, can we talk about the cheesy music I had to use so that my video wouldn't be taken down by youtube for using music that is copyrighted!? I need to reach out to I don't know who so I can get some better music options LOL. If any of y'all know w

City Eats; Yum!

Watch my latest video as I take you with me while I run some errands, but first, a"bacon, egg & cheese" to give me the much needed fuel to take on the city! I also had lunch at one of my favorite places, "La Esquina". I've had my fair share of Mexican food in the city and found myself disappointed every time. None compared to the Mexican food back home. But La Esquina,.... damn it comes pretty close. I come here to get my taco fix every once in a while!! And lastly, for dessert I had a delicious mini strawberry cheesecake at Eileen's Special Cheesecake aka THE BEST CHEESECAKE EVER! I first visited this gem back in December 2012 when my best friend's sister researched where we could get authe

The Beginning

I wanted to start a blog for a while however, I was apprehensive about it. I was afraid to give a completely wrong impression of myself to others. You see, I’ve often felt that I’ve been confined to play the role of the all perfect/college graduate/educated woman. That because, I have graduated college I am expected to act in an impeccable way without making any mistakes. That because, I am educated means I cannot be my extroverted self, or because I am in a helping profession I am not allowed to have a sense of humor or curse like a sailor. I hate that. Fuck that. A person should be allowed to be anything they want to be without having to put another part of their identity in jeopardy. Yes


HER VAGA BOUND ROOTS I’m sure you’re wondering what “Her Vaga Bound Roots” means… I wanted to come up with a name that captured the very essence of who I was and I believe, “Her Vaga Bound Roots” represents just that. The word “VAGA” in the dictionary is defined as someone who is out in the streets with no real destination, usually getting into some kind of trouble. In the Latino culture, being a Vaga has a negative connotation and is often frowned upon. Growing up with strict parents I often heard this everytime I wanted to go out, “Ay, Wendy otra vez en la calle de Vaga?”, “Solamente te la pasas en la calle de vaga!”. Yes, I guess you could argue that I loved being out in the streets, but

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