NYC, big city of dreams, everything in New York ain't always what it seems....

The New York life is not all glitz and glam. Its walking block after block, for what seems eternity, Only to get lost in the unknown and figuring your way back home. It’s hearing the loud hustle and bustle of the city Only to learn how to zone out & drown in your own thoughts. It’s being surrounded by thousands of people, Yet not knowing one of them. It’s wanting to indulge in something delicious, or flattering, But knowing how to set your priorities. It’s spending countless nights up working, Only to wake up early to start your day with no energy. It’s running to catch the train to make work on time, But being left disappointed & out of breath. It’s leaving work drained after a long day, On

Vaga Adventures; Guizar Sisters Take NYC

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hanging out and being the unofficial tour guide of the awesome Guizar sisters. Let me tell you a little about them so y’all understand why they’re almost like family.You see, their dad and my dad were best friends growing up. Both of our families are from the same small town in Mexico, so we both knows each other's family really well and are all interconnected in someway or another. Both Lourdes and Susana met my mom when she was a newly wed and they often tell me stories about how beautiful my mom was with her long, black hair and big green eyes. Or stories about how they use to love when my mom would visit and french braid their hair, (funny cause hom

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