#VAGASwithDegrees Week 2

@HerVAGAboundRoots presents #VAGASwithDegrees Week 2! "I'm graduating with my Bachelors of Sociology and this degree isn't only for me but it's for my sisters. I want them to see that you can do anything you can dream and they can do so much more than I ever have because I've paved the way. Most importantly I did this for the person most influential in my life, my mom. My mom had me at the age of 16 and let me tell you we have gone through a lot. We have conquered several struggles and through it all she has taught me to never give up. It was the two of us against the world and even today when I am with her I feel like we are unstoppable. I'm always amazed, because here I am barely dealing

#VAGASwithDegrees Week 1

@HerVAGAboundRoots presents #VAGASwithDegrees Week 1! "I never really thought I'd be in the position I am in today: graduated and employed by the firm I've dreamed of working at since I was 17 years old. I pursued an accounting degree knowing that it would require a lot of effort and sacrifice. I was right; the past four years were countless hours of studying, persistence, and a compromised social life. Accounting is not an easy degree to achieve to say the least but I wanted to make both my parents and myself proud. I wanted to show my parents that everything they gave up and all their struggles were well worth it. Additionally I wanted to inspire my younger sister. I dedicate my diploma to

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