I’m sure you’re wondering what “Her Vaga Bound Roots” means…

I wanted to come up with a name that captured the very essence of who I was and I believe, “Her Vaga Bound Roots” represents just that.

The word “VAGA” in the dictionary is defined as someone who is out in the streets with no real destination, usually getting into some kind of trouble. In the Latino culture, being a Vaga has a negative connotation and is often frowned upon. Growing up with strict parents I often heard this everytime I wanted to go out, “Ay, Wendy otra vez en la calle de Vaga?”, “Solamente te la pasas en la calle de vaga!”. Yes, I guess you could argue that I loved being out in the streets, but I was always out in search of a better future.

Vaga is such an empowering word that can translate into so many things, depending on the perspective one would like to take:

A Vaga is someone vulnerable wanting to escape

A Vaga is someone courageous enough to go out and explore

I want to reclaim Vaga.

I want to transform it into something positive.

I want to encourage women to think outside the box, run free, dream BIG & chase after their goals.

I want a VAGA woman to evoke fearlessness, confidence, & most importantly not give a shit about societies “standards”, breaking those barriers set out to keep us confined.

While a vaga is defined to have no real destination, I am a Vaga “BOUND” to greatness. (Vaga Bound is also a word play on the English version: Vagabond).

And lastly, “ROOTS”. I am proud to be a Latina and I have been blessed to be able to experience its rich culture. It is those very traditions that have taught me the morals and values that I so proudly carry in my heart. My cultural values give me the wings I need to fly while also the roots to keep me grounded.

I am a Vaga, but no matter where I go, I will always have my roots to bring me back home.

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