Running Errands with HER

I filmed this a few weeks back but I finally got around to uploading, editing and creating the video! I was SO nervous because it was my first time ever doing a "video blog", which is weird, cause I feel like I do this on a daily basis on snapchat (follow me: Weneki). But this time, I had my big camera and I had my wonderful roommate Amina helping me record. So, if I seem extra awkward and weird, just laugh with me. It's a learning process! LOL

***OMG, can we talk about the cheesy music I had to use so that my video wouldn't be taken down by youtube for using music that is copyrighted!? I need to reach out to I don't know who so I can get some better music options LOL. If any of y'all know who I can get in touch with - let me know!

I hope y'all enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome :)

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