NIKO STORM= Fun in the snow!

What do you do when theres a snow storm and your school and job closes?! Go outside and play, duh!

Why did I just only hear about this "Niko" storm like yesterday? lol I was not prepared, thank God I was off, cause you know I was not about to tread through snow and make it to my internship lol. Luckily NYU, public schools and basically everything ended up closing, which meant Amina and I could hang out and be lazy all day! Love it! This doesn't happen in California! lol While we waited for our food to be delivered, (yes, they were still delivering!!! crazy huh!) we decided to throw on our coats and go to the park across the street.

Here are some photos we took! Can you tell we're from California? lmao, we still get a little too excited for this...

We also made a video! Check it out below! Don't forget to like & subscribe!!!!

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