VAGAS WITH DEGREES- Join The Movement!

Hi yall!

It's graduation season, one of my most favorite time of the year because so many great things take place!! People (and flowers) are blooming, the weather is beautiful, but most importantly, individuals are graduating, celebrating their successes and beginning a new chapter in their lives. So, what better way than to commemorate this important lifetime achievement, than sharing THEIR story with all of YOU through Her Vaga Bound Roots' Series: VAGAS with Degrees, CLASS OF 2018!

A VAGA represents a fearless, strong and resilient WOMAN in pursuit of her dreams and Her Vaga Bound Roots series: Vagas with Degrees aims to empower minority women to be a VAGA while leaving their comfort zones to attend college in pursuit of fulfilling their academic dreams. Vagas with Degrees is a platform that features trailblazers and highlights/celebrates the success stories of women of color earning degrees. Visibility and representation of successful women of color in positions of influence is extremely important as it allows women to know that no dream is too big to achieve.

Her Vaga Bound Roots intends to make a positive shift in minority communities with the series, Vagas With Degrees, providing women with the opportunity to have their voice be heard and share their untold stories with the world throughout the months of May and June. Here’s to hoping you will be willing to join the movement and share YOUR story in efforts to inspire other women of color to dream big and pursue higher education!!!

We are excited to learn more about you and share your story with our readers! If interested in being featured, please send the following materials to:

  • Personal story (must be half a page or shorter and answer the following Q’s: What/who inspired you to pursue an education and what you plan on accomplishing with your degree)

  • A personal photograph to be posted along with your story

  • Name, Title of Degree & College attended, as you’d want it to appear on post

Please note deadline to submit story is Sunday May 20th, 2018, as we are anticipating to begin posting one story a day beginning May 21st, 2018. If any questions please send to email provided above.

Please feel free to check out last year’s wonderful stories, Vagas With Degrees Class of 2017 for reference:

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