HVBR Presents: 20 Questions with Dr. Silva

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We have listed the resources Dr. Silva discussed during the interview. You can also find a recording of the live interview below. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if there are any questions or concerns. We would be happy to help or direct you to the correct individuals. hervagaboundroots@gmail.com

You can contact Dr. Carolina Silva on the following social media platforms:

- Instagram: @doctorachikita

- Facebook: Carolina Silva

To view interview script with Dr. Silva click below:

Click Here: Direct link to interview questions, notes and resources

List of Resources for Easy Access:

  1. Resources for Undocumented Immigrants and their Families During COVID-19

  2. Wellness Gatherings for Immigrants

  3. NYC Support for COVID-19

  4. Nationwide resource directory: brought to you by the Betancourt-Macias family!

  5. Free clinic directory

  6. Health Care Access for Undocumented Folks in the Time of Covid-19

  7. DACA Updates During the Coronavirus Crisis

  8. Benefits for Undocumented Individuals in Relation to COVID-19

  9. Department of Labor - to check status

Video Recordings

Video 1:

Video 2:

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