Founded in 2017, The Her Vaga Bound Roots is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports and empowers BIPOC womxn by increasing access, supporting retention, and celebrating their resiliency in academia and beyond.

HVBR also houses the Vagas With Degrees Scholarship Foundation aimed towards alleviating financial burdens for the Vagas in pursuit of their academic dreams



  • Building a community for BIPOC womxn through a virtual platform  

  • Providing access to mentors and other academic and professional resources

  • Advocating for professional and personal success and development

  • Increasing access to higher education

  • Granting merit based scholarship(s) through the Vagas with Degrees Scholarship Foundation

What does Her VAGA Bound Roots mean?


HER: Representative of every woman

VAGA: fearless, strong and resilient

BOUND: to greatness

ROOTS: to remain grounded & never forget where you came from