Wendoline Vargas, LCSW

Founder & President 

Founder and President of Her Vaga Bound Roots. Wendoline, was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles,) she earned her undergraduate degree at University of California, Santa Barbara and went on to pursue a masters in Social Work from New York University. A fierce advocate for social justice and thriving passion for working with BIPOC women, young adults, and individuals with marginalized identities. She is a licensed, bilingual, clinical social worker and is currently working at an adolescent mental health center/hospital in NYC. Wendoline provides assessment and evidence based treatment to a diverse population living with Mental Illness.

Wendoline created HVBR in 2017, while in graduate school at NYU after noting an underrepresentation of BIPOC women in the program. She wanted to create a platform to uplift and amplify the voices , bringing visibility, and celebrate the successes of women of color earning degrees, creating the annual series, "Vagas With Degrees". In 2018 she officially established Her Vaga Bound Roots, a 501c3 nonprofit, to help in the empowerment and representation of BIPOC womxn in academia and professional settings.


HVBR nonprofit also houses The Vagas With Degrees Scholarship Foundation which aides in increasing women’s access to higher education and achieving academic success by awarding merit and need based financial scholarship(s) to a VAGA in need every year.

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