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The She Angels Foundation gives grants to female founded and operated non-profit organizations that provide mentorship, funding, training, and advancement resources to girls and women.


In June 2022, the She Angels Foundation, awarded Her Vaga Bound Roots a $5,000 grant to help further our mission. With this funding HVBR will have the opportunity to continue creating access, supporting retention, and celebrating the resiliency of BIPOC women in academia and beyond!


HVBR president and Founder, Wendoline Vargas LCSW, attended their June salon in NYC where she was presented the grant by She Angels Foundation Co-founder, Cat Curry Williams and Board of Directors. Author, spiritual leader and political activist, Marianne Williamson, was guest speaker and pictured here with our Founder.


Thank you again, She Angels Foundation, for believing in our vision and mission! 

Learn more about She Angels Foundation here.

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