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LGBTQIA+ Resources


  • Click Here for More Resources such as:

    • The Coming Out & Pronoun Use Guide

    • Campus & Community Resources

    • The Flying Gender Unicorn

    • Relevant TED Talks

    • Gender Inclusive Restrooms

    • National LGBTQA Resources

    • Circulation and Borrowing Policies


*Image Credit: Florida International State University*


"Developed by Associate Director of LGBTQA Initiatives at FIU, Dr. Erica Jayne Friedman, the Flying Gender Unicorn is a tool used to expand on a discussion of differences between sexuality identity, sexual attraction, emotional attraction, gender identity, gender expression, and gender assigned at birth."

Her Vaga Bound Roots presents

20 Questions With Dr. Vega


Dr. Gisela Vega is the Director for the LGBTQ Student Center at the University of Miami. Dr. Vega holds her doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from Florida International University, a Master’ in Education Instructional Leadership, a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art Education, and in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She served as the inaugural full-time professional staff member at Florida International University in 2012 developing the institutions LGBTQA Initiatives program. This was the first LGBT program of its kind ever established in a south Florida College or University.

Learn more about Dr. Vega here! 

View Dr. Vega's Interview: click here

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