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Vagas With Degrees
Scholarship Foundation

Her Vaga Bound Roots - VAGAS With Degrees Scholarship Foundation financially empowers BIPOC women by providing merit and need based academic scholarships and financial resources to support their academic endeavors.

Financial challenges are a common barrier for students pursuing higher education, especially those from low income households or marginalized backgrounds. One of our goals is to uplift women navigating college by providing them with a scholarship. By awarding women with a Vagas with Degrees Scholarship, we would be one step closer to changing the narrative for women of color in higher education.


Your generosity will allow us to continue our work of building a community of educated and professional women of color. Please consider supporting the Vagas With Degrees Scholarship Foundation with a donation of $10, $25, $100 or whatever you can afford today. Every contribution will go directly towards impacting the future of a VAGA fulfilling her dreams and achieving academic success.

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